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About Us

      Welcome to Joyous Garden! Have a walk-about, relax, enjoy and come back often. 

       I created this company with the simple goal of bringing smiles to peoples lives. Sometimes life can be rough and a momentary escape may change the whole trajectory of a life. Smiles are incredibly powerful tools of change. 

       A piece of art is a lasting gift of joy. You won't use it up, eat it up, out grow it,  or grow bored with it. For the price of a meal you can have a source of endless joy.

       And because I feel very strongly that we all deserve and appreciate being genuinely cared about I make sure that each order is of the highest quality, gift wrapped with love and that I treat my fans as I would wish to be treated. It is that simple :)


       If your bookstore is hosting an event and you would like a particular themed greeting card or bookmark  ( perhaps a children's book reading about a lonely dragon stranded on a desert island with only his teddy bear who is eventually rescued by a band of friendly pirates .) Let me know and we'll create your vision.




For wholesale inquiries, events or commissions please email us at:


Drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you!