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Policies and Testimonials

   Policy is simple;             

                              If you don't like it, return it and I'll refund you!


    My fans matter a lot to me. With each piece of art I create I share my soul with you. The goal of Joyous Garden is quite simply to make you smile, to lift you even if for just a moment, to a happier place.  Because a smile can change a life. :)



"Your Art Makes My Heart Smile ! " the_colorful_plantbased _ cook


" I love it so much when people make presents personal like you do. It makes everybody feel special " Anke 

" Love the packaging, simple but beautiful." vicsflowers01

 " Everytime I see one of your creations I have to smile!" all_things_serendipity

" This makes me so happy. So very happy" Nadine LB

"Your artwork never fails to make me smile!" Aria

" I love waking up and having my coffee and seeing your beautiful art! Puts a smile on my face all the time!"  Dawn Chimetyme Studio